This agreement outlines the rights and obligations associated with the use of the VECTORGRAPHICS.IO website (hereinafter simply the 'Site'). By registering on the Site you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this agreement and will be bound by them henceforth.

By accessing, uploading and downloading materials from the Site, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms of agreement, we ask that you leave the site.

VECTORGRAPHICS.IO has the right, in its sole discretion, to change the terms of this agreement, in whole or in part, at any time, and any such changes shall be effective immediately upon notice to users and the posting of such changes on the Site. Your continued use of the Site after such modifications and notice shall constitute your acceptance of the terms of such amended agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of the agreement after the amendments, do not use or access the Site.

Use and Operation of the Site

This Site may be used only as permitted by law and in accordance with these terms and conditions. You may not use any automated software while using the Site.

You can register on the Site. VECTORGRAPHICS.IO reserves the right to provide registered users with some additional features that are not available to unregistered users. Use of the Site as well as registration is allowed only if you are 18 years of age or older. Children and individuals under the age of 18 may use the Site only under the supervision of a parent or guardian. By using this Site unsupervised, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age and have full legal responsibility.

By registering for this site, you are responsible for securing your password and account access information. If you download images and material through your account, with or without your knowledge, you are solely responsible for payment of the downloaded material, including any unauthorized use of the images. If you post images and material, or if they are posted using your user name or through your account, you remain solely responsible for such works.

You acknowledge and agree that VECTORGRAPHICS.IO is under no obligation to review the works and materials uploaded to the Site and is not responsible for those works. VECTORGRAPHICS.IO has the right, in its sole discretion, to accept or reject, remove, move or modify any images and materials uploaded to the Site.

VECTORGRAPHICS.IO reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change or discontinue all or some of the services on the Site at any time. VECTORGRAPHICS.IO reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate a user's account.


You may be asked for additional personal information when you register with the Site or later, during your use of the Site. You acknowledge that any information you provide is accurate. VECTORGRAPHICS.IO makes every effort to protect all users of the Site, including protecting all information marked as confidential.


You agree that all photos on this Site are sold under a Royalty Free license, and that you may only use works downloaded for your account in accordance with that license. The license is per account holder and cannot be transferred to a third party. Under the Royalty Free license, once you pay for an image once, you may use the work for any purpose without being in conflict with this agreement. The image or materials may be used without restriction as to time or number of copies in print, web site creation, publication of proshures, books, magazines, or as advertising materials. If you use materials and images downloaded from the Site to make products for commercial use (sale of postcards, posters, templates, T-shirts, etc.), you must purchase an Extended License that gives you broad usage. The availability of the extended license is indicated in the preview mode of each photo.

The Royalty Free license does not give the purchaser copyright on the work.

Photos downloaded from this site may not be resold or shared in any form without prior consultation or written permission from VECTORGRAPHICS.IO.

If you use photos downloaded from this site, we recommend that you include the name of the photographer and the name of the agency's website. (For example, Name of Photographer / VECTORGRAPHICS.IO)

If you have any doubts about the restrictions associated with this license, contact [email protected].

Credits and payments

Credit is the unit of payment at VECTORGRAPHICS.IO. Image prices and author commissions are displayed as credits. The price of credits is displayed in the price list. Credits expire one year after purchase. Within 7 days of purchase, you can submit a refund request for any photo that cannot be uploaded for technical reasons. You can also request a refund if you have uploaded photos with technical errors that you notice when uploading. In this case, you agree to delete and not use the uploaded content as soon as you receive a refund. Refunds are not possible after seven days from the date of purchase. If you have questions about payment, please contact [email protected].

Unauthorized Use

None of the images on this site, may be used as a trademark without prior consultation and written consent from VECTORGRAPHICS.IO. It is strictly prohibited to use photos for pornographic, racist or illegal purposes, or for purposes that grossly violate copyrights. You must not post any images or materials on the Site whose content is defamatory or obscene. You are responsible for the use of the images uploaded from your account on this Site and you will be liable for any damages resulting from their unauthorized use. You are also solely responsible for any monetary claims made by third parties and/or VECTORGRAPHICS.IO due to illegal use of the uploaded images.

You must not upload or post images or other content to the Site that is protected by copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights unless you are the owner of those rights or have been given permission to do so.VECTORGRAPHICS.IO does not tolerate copyright infringement or intellectual property rights violations on its Site, and VECTORGRAPHICS.IO will remove works if it is properly informed that such works infringe intellectual property rights. VECTORGRAPHICS.IO reserves the right to remove works without notice.

Model Releases

When publishing any photo of a recognizable person, you must submit a properly completed signed model release form which

Credits to Authors.

Author credits for images and content are 50% of the value of the downloaded content if the content was sold on non-exclusive terms, and 70% if it was sold under an exclusive agreement exclusively on VECTORGRAPHICS.IO. The author can convert his credits into money which will then be transferred directly to his Paypal or Payoneer account.The author can only cash out his credits when they reach 50 or more credits.

Exclusive and nonexclusive agreement

Non-exclusive agreement means that you can sell your image via unlimited number of Agencies. You can also offer your work under an exclusive agreement which means that the photos and all their versions will only be available on VECTORGRAPHICS.IO and cannot be shared with other agencies or media. If you cancel the exclusive agreement, you must send a request to VECTORGRAPHICS.IO in advance. After receiving your request to cancel the exclusive agreement, VECTORGRAPHICS.IO reserves 90 days to cancel the exclusive agreement for the photo. If you grossly violate the exclusive agreement with VECTORGRAPHICS.IO, you will be solely responsible for all financial and other claims that may be made in violation of that agreement.


VECTORGRAPHICS.IO does not guarantee that the Site will be error-free or that the services will be available without interruption. VECTORGRAPHICS.IO cannot guarantee that photographers' copyrights in photographs will be respected. VECTORGRAPHICS.IO does not guarantee that use of this Site will benefit you or any other third party.

Trademark and logo

You may not use the VECTORGRAPHICS.IO logo or trademark without prior written permission.


This website is the property of 'VectorGraphics.io Ltd'. Although you can access this site from other parts of the world you should understand that its use and the use of any materials contained on this site is subject to the laws of the Russian Federation, regardless of how they differ from the laws of other countries. This agreement may be terminated only upon written request. The account will be deleted within 30 days after receiving the written request. VECTORGRAPHICS.IO reserves the right to change this Agreement at any time without prior notice.

Duration of Agreement

This Agreement shall remain in perpetuity unless terminated in accordance with this Agreement. VECTORGRAPHICS.IO may terminate this agreement at any time if you breach any of your representations, warranties or obligations under this agreement, or due to your lack of activity on the Site. You may terminate this agreement at any time by sending a termination request to VECTORGRAPHICS.IO. If terminated by VECTORGRAPHICS.IO, VECTORGRAPHICS.IO will notify you. VECTORGRAPHICS.IO reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disable your account and terminate your collaboration.

Upon termination of this agreement: (1) Your account will be terminated, (2) All artwork uploaded by you will be removed from the Site, (3) All credits will be cashed, minus any transaction fees.

Termination of this agreement will not relieve you of any payment obligations that arose prior to termination.


Affiliate Program

The affiliate program allows all VECTORGRAPHICS.IO users to receive compensation for helping them promote VECTORGRAPHICS.IO. The participant of the affiliate program undertakes to promote VECTORGRAPHICS.IO only by legal means. Use of spam or any similar means is strictly prohibited. If use of illegal means for advertising VECTORGRAPHICS.IO is detected, the member's account will be blocked immediately. The participant is responsible for all damages caused by such actions.

A user who participates in an affiliate program has the right to be rewarded for recruiting other users. New participants can be both authors of photos and buyers. A member of the affiliate program receives remuneration for referring a new user if the referred user registers on VECTORGRAPHICS.IO by clicking on the affiliate link. An affiliate link is a hyperlink containing a unique identifier of an affiliate program participant.

Members of VECTORGRAPHICS.IO affiliate program receive 20% of VECTORGRAPHICS.IO profit calculated according to the scheme (sale price - photographer's commission). The affiliate relationship lasts for as long as the participant who joined the affiliate program has an account at VECTORGRAPHICS.IO and agrees to the terms of the agreement. Remuneration for affiliate program participants is given in the form of credits which can be later converted into money.

VECTORGRAPHICS.IO has the right to change or cancel the affiliate program without prior notice. If the participant does not agree with the new terms and conditions, he/she should stop promoting VECTORGRAPHICS.IO and terminate his/her participation in the affiliate program. If the participant continues to advertise VECTORGRAPHICS.IO, it means full agreement with the new terms and conditions.