Legal information

If your pictures feature a person or a group of people you must obtain each person’s permission for the sale of such pictures.

Person in the picture must sign a so-called model release. The document must then be scanned and uploaded to the server of "VECTORGRAPHICS.IO" in the menu of your account «My uploads/Documents». When editing the picture you uploaded you will be able to select the release form from the list of uploaded documents.

If you are taking a picture of children you have to upload a model release for children. This document must contain information about the child and one of his or her parents.

Model release is available for viewing by the site’s administration only and presents proof of the model’s consent to the distribution of pictures with their image for commercial purpose.

We accept signed agreements only in English.

It’s therefore recommended to sign the release form with the model in their native language to prevent any misunderstanding in future, or add the model’s signature under the confirmation: "By the following I confirm that I possess enough knowledge of English; I have acquainted myself with the contents of this agreement, fully understand it and, by signing it, confirm my agreement with all its provisions."

Download multipurpose model release forms:

Model release for adults in English
Model release for children in English

We do not accept pictures featuring people without a signed model release!!